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Maya links:

Learning-Maya (collection of links to Maya tutorials)

Digital-tutors (great resource of Maya, Photoshop and other video tutorials)

SimplyMaya (tutorials)

Highend3D (tutorials, scripts, plug-ins, shaders, forums)

3DTotal (tutorials, textures, forums, galleries)

3D Buzz (tutorials, forums)

Androidblues (Steven Stahlberg's site with tutorials and his gallery)

The Gnomon Workshop (tutorials)

Pixero's website (tutorials, downloads) (downloads)

Association Drone (tutorials and plug-ins)

Michael McKinley's site (tutorials)

Rigging 101 (tutorials,downloads)


trueSpace links:

ambientLights's links to trueSpace tutorials (a very nice collection of tutorial links by ambientLight)

Moonman's trueSpace Resources (links to tutorials, plug-ins, shaders, etc.)

3D Links (links to trueSpace tutorials) (Clint Grant's Luuv plug-in)


General 3D:

The 3D Studio (3D models, textures, and tutorials)

CGTrader (3D models) (great lighting and modeling tutorials)

3d total (tutorials, textures, downloads, forums, galleries, and more) (links to tutorials, textures and downloads)

Amazing 3D Graphics (3D models)

ambientLight (high quality textures)

Flash Fire Designs (3D models, model conversion, custom models, textures and graphics)

kit3dmodels (3D furniture and textures)

Mega-Tex Studios  (textures, 3D software reviews and links)

Texture Library (nice collection of textures) (forums, galleries) (forums, galleries) (gallery) (images in the Exposť books and the submitted images) (gallery)

Mayang's Free Texture Library (textures)

Marlin Studios (textures)


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