Setting up dynamic clothing for a sitting pose in Poser 5

One of the best features of Poser 5 is the new Cloth Room where you can use dynamic clothing to drape over and move with the characters. Setting up a sitting pose and making a dress drape over the body is not too difficult. However, your character will most likely sit on something (a chair, a bench, etc.) and you need the dress to follow the contour of the seat. In this tutorial I'm going to explain the solution I came up with to achieve this:


1. Load Judy (or the character you are going to use).

2. Load a dress from the dynamic clothing library.

3. Go to frame 5, then load the sitting pose you want to use. (You might want to check the pose before proceeding and correct it, if necessary. For example, the pose "Sit on Chair 04" has Judy's hands cut into her thigh. It's best to raise the hands a little above the thighs.)

4. Load the object that your figure is going to sit on. (In my test, I just used the box primitive to simulate a sitting surface.)

5. Go to a side view and scale and position the object underneath the sitting character. Note the scale amount, you'll need it in the next step.

6. Go to frame 1 (the scaled object will revert to its original size). Scale the object to the same value as in step #5, then position it behind the character. You don't have to put it very far behind, just be sure that the dress is not touching it.

7. Go back to the main camera, if you wish, then enter the Cloth Room.

8. Click on "New Simulation". A window will pop up where you can enter some parameters. I left the end frame at 30 and checked the "Cloth self-collision" option. Set the "Drape frames" value at 4, then click OK.


9. Select the dress, then click on the "Clothify" button. Click "Clothify" in the window that pops up.

10. Click on "Collide Against", then click on "Add/Remove". Select the figure (e.g. Figure 1) and the object she's going to sit on, then click OK. Leave the "Start draping from zero pose" option on, and click OK.

11. Now click on "Calculate Simulation". (Of course, if you want to change any of the parameters in the cloth room, do that first.)

12. Poser 5 will start working on the calculations. When it's done, click on "Play Simulation" to see whether you need more frames for the dress to settle. If you do, then change the end frame number in the simulation settings and redo the simulation.

13. Go back to the Pose room, select the best frame and render.

Have fun!



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Copyright   2002-2012 by Susan Lee.